Quality Optics Lab Policies
LAB ERROR:  We will remake the Rx when it is our error. For credit we need to receive: Reason for remake, Copy of the original invoice with the lens(s), and a copy of the reorder invoice. Credit will be issued when the invoices and lenses are received. Until then the Rx is reprocessed at the original price.
DOCTOR'S ERROR: We will remake the Rx at 20% discount when it is the Doctor's error. Lenses must be returned with the original invoice plus a copy of the reorder invoice. This policy is honored for 60 days from the invoice price.
NON-ADAPT (Progressive Policy): If a patient does not adapt to a progressive lens, we will replace it only within 90 days from the original invoice date with a normal multi-focal ( Flat Top or Trifocal) or a single vision lens. Credit for progressive lenses will be issued only if a replacement is ordered. For credit we need to receive: Reason for remake, Copy of the original invoice with lenses, Copy of the reorder invoice.
SCRATCH COAT WARRANTY: Lenses with scratch coat are warranted for a period of 1 year. Lenses will be replaced at no charge as long as the reorder is of the same prescription and material. No changes in prescription or fitting size are allowed. Warranty covers normal wear and tear only. Damaged lenses void warranty.
TELEPHONE Rx ERRORS: The customer is responsible for phone Rx's after they are read back. All phone Rx errors that are reordered will receive a 20% discount.
DRILLED Rx JOBS: The warranty is 1 year since the original invoice order date. It covers cracks and breakage of lenses only when ordered in polycarbonate. The warranty only applies to lenses provided and edged at Quality Optics. Redo's are credited minus the cost of drilling the new lenses.
OVERALL CREDIT POLICY: We must receive both original invoices, and replacement invoices with lenses for credit. Please keep all credit requests as current as possible.
OLD LENSES: We are not responsible for customers old lenses that are sent to Quality Optics to be edged, dyed, mounted, drilled, or AR coated. They are sent at the customer's own risk.
PATIENT'S OWN FRAMES: We are not responsible for patient's own frames. New lenses will be edged into these frames at customer's own risk.
* Prices subject to change without notice *

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